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KooKalimba K17A Whale


Although the K17A kalimba piano is beautiful, it is also extremely easy for beginners to learn.

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Few instruments are as distinctive sounding as the kalimba piano. With its bright, tinkling tones, the kalimba is instantly recognizable. The kalimba is a type of African thumb piano, and it’s thought to have originated in the region that is now Zimbabwe. The kalimba piano is played by plucking the tines with the thumbs, and it’s a very easy instrument to learn. The kalimba has a wide range of notes, and it’s often used in folk music. Kalimbas are also becoming increasingly popular in other genres, such as pop and rock. If you’re looking for an instrument that’s unique and easy to play, it is a great choice!

The package includes:

1 * 17 key Kalimba
1 * Tuning hammer
2 * Sticks
1 * Cleaning Cloth
1* Gift Box
*To support environmental protection Kookalimba will only provide an electronic manual.