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Kookalimba was founded in 2017 by Leo. He didn’t realize how important it was for his life to be a musician before. Now he hopes to encourage more ordinary people to fight for their dreams.

Kookalimba was founded in 2017 by Leo

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“When I saw an elderly man who had broken an index finger in a car accident playing the kalimba instrument, I was deeply moved. I do my best to inspire young people to pursue their dreams.”



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Our Mission For Music Lovers

We are aware many tune fanatics in our community need to discover ways to play lovely melodies and explicit their creativity. However, traditional contraptions take manner too much time to master. We have created the premium Kookalimba to assist passionate song fans without difficulty create captivating melodies with high-quality sounds.

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Welcome to kookalimba, where you can not only buy the best kalimbas, but also learn many songs adapted to kalimba playing. kalimba instruments are an instrument that originated in Africa and has been modified to its current form. It consists of a box and stainless steel keys, most kalimba on the market today from the number of keys are 8 key kalimbas, 17 key kalimbas, 21 key kalimbas, from the materials are divided into wood kalimba and acrylic kalimba, there are also suitable for stage performance, field recreation of electric kalimba.