Why I Play a Kalimba? 4 Benefits of Playing a Kalimba

If you’ve been thinking of buying a kalimba, but haven’t made up your mind yet, then this is the article for you. In this article, I’ll give you all the reasons you need to buy this wonderful instrument. Let’s start with the fact that it’s a beginner friendly instrument. Even if you have never played an instrument in your life, you will be able to play the kalimba and can even learn a song as fast as having it on your first song. There aren’t many techniques you have to master before being able to play a song. Unlike other instruments where you have to know how to jump properly or hold a book correctly, as long as you know how to type on your phone, then you are probably good to go!

The kalimba Is a Very Portable Instrument

The kalimba is a very portable instrument that can be used anywhere, any time. The kalimba is one of the latest instruments I have ever played and enjoyed. I use it as it doesn’t require much setup. More electricity is a lot of space in your bag, but if you have trouble sleeping at night, playing your kalimba will help put you to sleep and calm your worries.

The Kalimba is Easy to Learn

Unlike string investments, you needn’t change the pants. Since they are made of metal, they are very durable so the kalimba is a very low maintenance instrument. The kalimba produces the salt and Jimmy sun. Most of the time I think about my dream or someone’s dream I always feel relaxed.

The Kalimba Isn’t Just Good for Your Soul—It’s Also Good for Your Body

If you’re thinking of buying a kalimba as your first instrument, then now is the perfect time to start learning. Playing an instrument can lead to the manufacturing of the antibody immunoglobulin which is a natural killer cell that kills viruses. So the kalimba isn’t just good for your soul—it’s also good for your body!

Help You to Relax Your Mood

If you have trouble sleeping at night, playing your kalimba will help put you to sleep and calm your worries.

I am writing this article because I want to share with you all the wonderful benefits of playing a kalimba. You can play your favorite songs and dedicate them to your friends and family. And even your pets.

Let them know how much they mean to you and in other ways than just words what better way to express that than a switch played by you from your very own kalimba? I hope this article helps you learn more about the kalimba and why it’s a wonderful instrument to have.

If people want a kalimba, then I know for sure that they overjoyed to receive on this Christmas.

You Need to Know Before Buying A Kalimba

Grow Your Nails Before Hand

I am one of those people who always like to cut their nails short. so when I got a kalimba ,I didn’t know that nails play a vital role in using one. I have to wait 2 weeks for my nails to grow the right length to play. I have cut my nails recently so I am not able to do some covers for a while. you can still play with short nails though , but you will have a hard time. It will be harder to be precise since longer nails give you better reach. it wont be as loud as you want it to be. and it hurts your thumbs after a while. so if you are planing on buying a kalimba, I suggest you grow you nails beforehand.

I Wish I Knew What Dead Tines Sounded Like

I had my first kalimba over a year ago, and I was so excited to learn how to play it. The first thing I did was record some covers of my favorite songs.

I just loved the sound of it—it was so relaxing and pretty, but I didn’t pay much attention to what a kalimba should sound like since it’s my first one.

When I got my second kalimba, I noticed that there were dead tines in it. Dead tines don’t resonate, so they don’t add any sound to your playing. This made me think back to when I recorded those covers on my first kalimba, and realized what a difference having dead tines makes!

It’s always nice to know just in case you buy more kalimbas!

Kalimba Tabs Are Hard to Find

The first time I started playing kalimba, finding good kalimba arrangements for songs I wanted to play was difficult. Whenever I do find one, there aren’t any tabs provided. What I can suggest is finding kalimba tabs outside of YouTube. Like Kalimbatabs.net. I posted some of my tabs here as well. There are a lot of good blogs dedicated to kalimba tabas. And if you look hard enough, you might just find what you’re looking for so don’t give up!

Note Book for Kalimba Tabs

This is my kalimba notebook. I call it Mushroom, because it’s made of mushroom-shaped paper.

I’ve been playing the kalimba for about a year now. My first song was in a kalimba number notation I had never seen before and I didn’t know what to do with it. So I just started working on that one song over and over again until I got it down!

I recommend having a draft notebook so you can write down the songs as they come to you, since learning tabs can be confusing if you try to memorize them while trying to play them at the same time.

Wooden Kalimba is More Beginner Friendly

When you’re starting out, it might be hard to know what kind of kalimba to get. Wooden kalimbas are great because they’re lightweight and easy to play, but they can sometimes have a shape that makes it hard to reach the middle tines. Acrylic kalimbas are cute, but they can become quite heavy after a while. And some acrylic kalimbas have shapes that make it harder to reach the middle tines. So what’s the best way to choose?

Well, I think I’ve got an answer for you: wooden kalimbas! Wooden kalimbas have all the qualities of an acrylic kalimba without any of its downsides, plus they look great and don’t cost much money at all! And as far as performance goes, wooden kalimbas are just as good as their acrylic counterparts—if not better. You don’t need as much effort in plucking for them to sound like a real instrument; and if you want more volume in your playing style or if you want something with more sustain (which allows notes residing on different strings to resonate), then wooden is definitely the way.

wooden kalimba

That’s all I can think of for now. I hope you’re learned something new. Thank you for reading.

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