Everything About Kalimbas

Everything About Kalimbas. Kalimbas knowledge base, How to play a kalimba, How to choose a kalimba, How to maintain a kalimba etc.

Kalimba FAQs

Kalimba Beginners always have thousands of questions. Students who just bought a kalimba thumb piano will also have many questions. I have selected representative kalimba FAQs. Here are the answers for you one by one. Q: What Is A Kalimba? A: The kalimba is a traditional African musical instrument and is known by different names

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An Introduction to the Lamellaphone Family of Instruments

The lamellaphone family of instruments includes a wide variety of African musical instruments that are all played by plucking the tuned tongues (or lamellae) of the instrument. Lamellaphones can be classified into three main groups: mbiras, kalimbas, and thumb pianos. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at each type of instrument, discussing

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