let-it-go-kalimba tab

Let it go 17 key Kalimba Tab

Let it go 17 key Kalimba Tab

Let it go17 key Kalimba Tab – Kalimba songs for beginners

This song is perfect for beginners because its easy melody has only a few notes and chords. It can easily be played on a 17 key kalimba and will sound beautiful when strummed correctly. To start, you’ll need to learn the basic key layout of your kalimba. Once you’ve done that, focus on the notes for ‘Let it go and practice playing them in sequence. Remember to use your thumb for the plucking; this is what will give it a melodious tone. After you’ve gotten used to the basic notes, start experimenting with the timing of each note and the way you pluck them for a more musical sound. Try playing the song faster or slowing it down, and don’t be afraid to improvise! You can also use the tines of your kalimba to create different harmonies and rhythms which will bring the song alive. Have fun learning ‘Let it go’

Let it go17 key Kalimba Tab

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